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Every business, regardless of their industry wants to know the secret to successfully getting clients who will work with them on a long term base. If you are running a business, or are in the generating client leads side for the company you work in. You will always want to build long term relations with the clients, this will help your business grow. But does it mean if you have a few long term clients, stop conducting business development and marketing activities? Not really, I do recommend continue getting newer leads from more than one source.

I normally utilize 3 sources at a single time to generate leads, and when guiding other entrepreneurs, I often notice; they are scared to work on a smaller project. They say it is not profitable for them and want long term work; however, I tend to look at this a bit differently.  If you work with a client and give the best quality results, they will most likely continue working with you in the future. Building a business is like building relations, the more relations you have the more business you will have.


To explain this further, let us say, you are the client and have a project worth 100,000 USD. You want a team who can handle that project, there are two options for this

  1. The first option is you post it somewhere and get bids for the complete 100,000 USD project. Even though you had several meetings with the outsourcing team, they could not deliver what they promised. You lost money and time.
  2. The second case, Post a smaller task from the project worth 500 or 1000 USD as a separate project. Get bids, eventually hire a team. Now even if the team fails to deliver the monetary and time loss would be much less than the first case. In case they prove themselves worthy, congratulations, my friend! You have found a great team. The second method also allows you to analyze their methods, and how they normally work on a project. Basically allowing you to see if they can handle the 100,000 USD project or no.

Getting back to you willing to create long term clients. If a client says, they are looking for a logo and just starting a business. In some time, they will definitely be looking for business cards, stationary, websites, brochures, etc. for their business. You see where did that single logo design project become. How to get to that stage, follow these steps and you are on your way to building long term clients.

  1. Start talking to the client about the smaller project
  2. Get the smaller project
  3. Work on the project and deliver high quality of work. Remember being on time, and professional always gives you added points.
  4. Once you have completed the project, tell him what are the next steps he can take, and how they can have an added advantage. This will give your client the idea that you know what you are doing and also build the necessary trust.
  5. If they seem interested, propose what other things your company offers and how can they utilize your services.
  6. Generally, I have seen; the time of project closure is the best time for telling them what direction can they go and you telling them about additional services you offer.
  7. Lastly, it is always good to keep in contact, saying “hello, how are you” or “Happy new year” or other simple things will give a good impression about you and your team.

Just image, a project that started with something really small ends up going to 10 times the value or becomes a long term relation. But in case you just completed the project, forget about the client. They might contact you but reduces the probability of building a long term client. The secret is building trust and delivering the best quality results. Once you start doing these 2 things, your business will start getting long term clients.



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