Need help optimizing your product management processes?

I can help you with reviewing your product management practices and how to improve them.

Need to fill an interim product management role?

Looking for your next product management expert, I can help you with recruitment and also act as an interim product manager till you find your expert so your product delivery does not stop

Workshops on product management, and agile practices

I can deliver workshops and trainings to product leadership, and product teams to learn and grow with product management.

Hi, I am Majid, an experienced product leader and product management expert!

I have over 10+ years of experience in product management in multiple industries including Fintech, SaaS, ERP, and mobile applications. Currently based out of Berlin, Germany. I have created product strategies, processes, supported teams with defining what is agility, training teams with product management, how to build scalable products and helped with understanding what is hyper scalability of digital products.

I can support you with creating product strategy, product portfolio, improving product vision, mission, improving from a single product to process offering to solve more than a single problem of customers. In addition to that, I can help with creating team building exercises to bring the product, business and technical teams closer to deliver more effectively. Read more…

Interested in how you can improve product management?

Services I offer

I offer services primarily in the product management sphere, but can help with other business management and workshops as well. Send me a message if you are interested.

Interim Product Management

Hire me as an interim product manager to deliver high quality product.

Product Advisory/Consulting

Let me help you with what to roll out in the next big release.

Product Management Audit

I can help you review your product management practices.

Product Management Workshop

An interactive training in different topics of product management.


Majid is a very professional, and experienced product management trainer. We had him train our scrum team with product strategy, roadmap building, and best product management practices. He had very good examples, and the training was very interactive.

Adnan A.

Majid helped me with all digital transformation strategy, and also laying out a plan, he has great communication skills. He also helped with the execution in removing all vintage systems and upgrading by finding the right experts. He definitely knows his game!

Luke B.

Majid helped me with brainstorming for my process portfolio, and also short listing from the products to go inline with the business goals. This also included him supporting with road mapping and putting product strategies.

Elliot F.

Interested in how you can improve product management?


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