Product Management Workshop

Workshops can be a great source of knowledge and learning for your team, sometimes it helps by hiring an expert of the field. I have been conducting workshops and training seminars primarily focused on product management to help teams scale up. These workshops are generally a few hours to a few days, keeping them very interactive and ensuring they are filled with examples to help you and your team learn. A workshop very common for startup includes, how can we introduce product management into the business. Workshops are normally for a group of people to make it more effective.

Interested in how you can improve product management?

How can a product management workshop help?

  • It can bring new knowledge into your product team
  • it can bring your product team come closer
  • It can also bring your cross functional team closer to focus on the same goal. 
  • Different exercises and examples can bring a new thought perspective
  • Can support in building new feature, or product ideas.
  • Promote individual growth in your team.

Interested in how you can improve product management?

What kind of product management workshops do I normally offer?

Workshops are very custom, it depends on what is the biggest problem that you want to solve with the workshop. Some examples of workshops could include

  • Our definition of agile
  • How to differentiate between product development and delivering customers
  • What agile framework really works for us?
  • How can I apply Product Led Growth to our product
  • How can we scale up to offering Process as a product?
  • Portfolio management
  • Innovation management

What can you expect from a workshop?

Workshops are generally very interactive and they compromise of theory, discussions and exercises to bring the learnt knowledge into practice. Typical workshop can last from 1 hour to a couple of days if the topic to tackle is much complex with breaks in between. Want to hire me for a workshop? Send me a message!