Product Advisory

You know your product, business and the industry but yet at times you would be thinking if something you are building would make sense or no. You want to avoid going to a customer but rather have an opinion from an expert in product management to see if that makes sense to build the feature. Demands of customers are rapidly changing, and keeping up with expectations of customers is becoming harder. Having someone sit as a product advisory will let you have discussions about the product itself, the features you want to build, think of easier solutions to more complex problems. 

Interested in how you can improve product management?

How can an Product Advisory help?

  • It can bring unbiased expert opinions of someone with a lot of product management experience
  • End users might not always be willing to give their opinion, so an extra opinion can help
  • It can improve the prioritization, strategy, roadmap of the product
  • Can be a great source of information for the business, product and industry

Interested in how you can improve product management?

What kind of products can be a product advisory for?

With over 10 years of experience, I can help you with desktop, web and mobile applications in industries including fintech, mobility, AdTech, HR Tech, PropTech, Health tech, e-Commerce, logistics, dating, gaming and edtech.

What can you expect from be during my time as a product advisory?

Product advisory is more of a role that gives suggestions based on information, knowledge and previous experience. Having an expert to act as an advisory can help you a lot. I would have regular calls with you to give suggestions, and advice on what do I think about the feature and if it aligns with the core offering.